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Doesn't support secure connection

first post: bmmathe wrote: I'm trying to use this to test the Identity 2.0 email confirmation....

Simulating (non)existing e-mailaddress

first post: Techek wrote: Would it be possible to create a virtual e-mailaddress in the serv...

latest post: Antix wrote: Possible, but I do not have any time to give this project right now...

Error: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted

first post: antix wrote: When you see this message on the SSFD interface it means that anoth...

Sharepoint 2007 SP2 (MOSSWFE)

first post: antix wrote: Fred Morisson from cFocus wrote to me today on using the SSFD with ...

What do you think?

first post: antix wrote: Hope you find this project useful

latest post: antix wrote: Thanks for that, glad you like it.I'm going to be "resting" from De...

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